Friday update v44


I am currently rebuilding the entire Easy Clipboard application. All my planned updates were to hard to implement in the current code. This time it will be built to be easily extendable and allow the usage of the coming API. The clipboard it self will get a completely new “web 2.0″ look.

This will be the last Friday update I will write. There is no idea to write one if most of the time, I have nothing to write. So from now on I will only write post when I feel like one is needed.

Download of the week is what I promised last week. A WordPress plugin… It allows you to show custom tweet feed on different pages. i.e. You want to show the company feed on the start page, but on the employees information page you want to show the tweets from the employees. This plugin makes that a piece of cake. As always it’s available in the download section.

Friday update v40

Hello again!
This week I started my internship at LSahlin and sadly it started with me feeling like crap both Tuesday and Wednesday and had to stay home. Other than that it was a quite OK week. I started working on my first WordPress plugin, currently named “Post slider”, built using PHP, jQuery and the jQuery plugin, easySlider.

I also completed the move of this site to the new server and the new domain. All .se addresses gets redirected to the .com until December when it gets removed.

Easy Clipboard have been given a new domain now and currently doing the final fixes to redirect all and to

And to the download this week I will be giving you the current version of my “Post slider” WordPress plugin. Available in the download section.

Until next week.

Friday update v37

This week have been filled with programming and the exam project is coming along fine. That is pretty much what has happened this week, a lot of PHP and a bit of JavaScript.

Next week will probably be just like this one as the deadline is getting closer.

To the downloads of the week, first we have a couple of sound stories i made about 2 years ago. The second file is a Nintendo DS homebrew text program called TexEdit. Both of theses are now available in the download section.

That’s it for this week!