Friday update v42

Friday already huh? Time surely goes fast. Anyway, working hard at LSahlin. I started working on my first solo project yesterday and everything is progressing faster than expected.

Aside from that, I have made a “real” ┬ápage for Easy Clipboard now. Quite good looking if you ask me and also help to get you own clipboard fast. Check it out now

Opera 11 Alpha was released this week! Now faster than ever and now all those naysayers have no reason to switch to Opera anymore because of plugins. That’s right, Opera 11 supports plugins using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and the Opera plugin API. So far I think they pulled it of a lot better than FireFox did. And because of this I have started developing my own plugin.

Wrapping thing up by telling that Linux Mint 10 Release Candidate have been released. That means I got both Opera 11 and Linux Mint 10 this week! Not bad :D

No downloads this week either :( But I will get the Opera plugin up when it’s done and also some WordPress plugins I have made and will hopefully be up next week.


Friday update v41

Busy! Busy! Busy!
I don’t have much to else to say. I will probably make a better post next week.

Also check out Easy Clipboard now at

Friday update v40

Hello again!
This week I started my internship at LSahlin and sadly it started with me feeling like crap both Tuesday and Wednesday and had to stay home. Other than that it was a quite OK week. I started working on my first WordPress plugin, currently named “Post slider”, built using PHP, jQuery and the jQuery plugin, easySlider.

I also completed the move of this site to the new server and the new domain. All .se addresses gets redirected to the .com until December when it gets removed.

Easy Clipboard have been given a new domain now and currently doing the final fixes to redirect all and to

And to the download this week I will be giving you the current version of my “Post slider” WordPress plugin. Available in the download section.

Until next week.