Friday update v39

This was the last week of official exam project work. Everything is mostly done and there is only a couple of things left and the usual bug fixing and optimization. Also we have registered the domain

Next week my internship at LSahlin begins and I will hopefully learn a lot and have a good time.

Also I have just fixed a new web host and registered the domain for use and a new (secret) web app site, both are not up and running yet but will probably be soon. Also planning on getting a nice domain for Easy Clipboard.

No downloads this week either. Will have more time now with the 100% focus on the exam project gone.

Friday update v38

This week have been filled with even more programming than last week and the project is shaping up fine. Next week is the last :O

I have also started working on a zip brute force program with my brother and that is coming along quite OK too.

Sorry, no downloads this week :( JustĀ haven’t fixed them for “public” release yet.

Finally! Here is a sneak peek of the start page!

Ekonomina Beta Screenshot

Thats it for this week!