Framework Beta 3

Finally worked some more on my framework!!

Pretty much everything that I wanted to be in in from the beginning is now in it :D
But I still have a few small things to add and some testing to do before I dare to call it “Stable”

This version also contains everything from the unreleased Beta 2.

I have added a changelog file in the zip where you can see what has changed since my last update here.

It could have a few bugs and problems, improvements are still needed.

Download (Updated: 2012-05-05)


Framework Beta

Long time since I wrote something :)

Recently I started working a bit on the framework since I took a break for a few months.

So now I have a close to fully working framework. Some things are still not implemented yet, but the most important are working.

- Better htaccess file
- Auto load of custom classes.
- Cache.
- Some framework functions.
- Performance and bugfixes.

It could have a few bugs and problems, improvements are still needed.

I may release the “stable” version before next year.

Download (Updated: 2011-10-13)

Framework Alpha Build

I just remembered that I had a full working alpha “build” of the framework from April.
This one is still very very very basic but it gives a general idea of how some of the structure look at the moment in my buggy private “builds”.

What big features is missing?
- No pretty settings file what so ever.
- No htaccess.
- No way of setting current page title.
- No support for page specific functions.
- No auto load and init of classes.

Well, have fun :P

Download Framework Public Alpha